Christy's journal

... and you were hoping for a more creative title? XD

22 August
I am...
The sort of person who is in love with everything and sometimes, everyone. Most of the time I feel like a kid in a candy store, where everything is beautiful and great and wonderful and in abundance. But of course, there are times when the journey is rough. Otherwise, I can never get enough of life and often feel that the only thing I'm running short of is time -- there are just too many things I want to see, feel, experience.

So far...
Life has been a very eventful journey with many ups and downs. I find that the older I become, the more amusing life is to me and the more lucky I feel to be blessed with the many things I have.

I've strong desires for...
Making objects, systems and processes better, faster and more efficient! Somehow or rather I just have an obsession for improving everything around me. When I see something that is not working well enough, I feel compelled to go and change it. Being able to do this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But of course, I often find it necessary to refrain myself from challenging the status quo too frequently.

Gone are the days when...
I used to be a hardcore gamer. But now I'm hardly a gamer. Play time is mostly limited to several hours on weekends, especially Friday nights, where I go meet the boys to play DotA until the dawn breaks. Yes, I'm a geek. XD