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Hello, I'm alive

And so is LJ! Well done, LJ team! 

Mic check

Does anyone still use this?

Early adopter

Gotta love being an early adopter. :)


What a designer faces

Every time choco gets all frustrated with clients back inher old company, I picture the video above. I think the rest of you designerfolks here can appreciate this as well. ^^


Got the below from mailing list:

We are looking for a creative director and graphic designer to work on
2 magazine title, travel and wedding respectively. Preferably with
experience, pre-requisite: you have to be really good and
dedicated...good pay to compensate!

Anyone interested or know of anyone that might be interested, please
email me at sfmik80@yahoo.com

Posted by email from Christy's posterous

Job openings for game artists

Friend of mine has openings for game artists. His contact details as below.


Hi Christy,

I’m looking for game artist to design graphics for mobile casual games such as puzzle, racing games. If you know anyone that might be interested, please kindly forward this email to them. I appreciate your help on this.

Warm regards,
Melvin Wong
(MSC Status Company)
Mobile: +6012-354 4216
Email: melvin@justmobile.com.my
Website: www.JustMobile.com.my


Bad snatch thief

This happened on the same Friday night some of us went to Mage Cafe. I went to meet up with a friend for drinks at SS2 Murni's after that. Never thought something like this would happen to me, since I'm so careful. But it's like they just know exactly when you let you guard down -- even if it was for just a few seconds!

I'm usually very cautious when I'm on the road, since I'm quite paranoid when it comes to snatch thieves and all. But just when I let my guard down for a few seconds to open my car door while talking to my friend (who was walking beside me), I suddenly heard a familiar buzz of a motorcycle coming from behind me -- and this was in the opposite direction of the one way street.

Beowulf - MUST WATCH (spoiler-free)

Just saw Beowulf on the big screen... (not IMAX, just the normal cinema)


At first when I saw the poster for Beowulf I thought it was some chapalang horror/thriller movie that involves some monster terrorising villagers and freaking the hell out of them while everyone just screams and screams.

Oh wait, come to think of it... it is a movie that involves that. But one thing's for sure -- it ain't no B grade chapalang movie!

What makes it so awesome is it's all CG -- and this CG is by far the best my eyes have ever seen. I always thought it would be some time before we can witness such a high amount of realism in 3D human modeling (especially when it comes to those very tricky facial expressions).

Usually when you're watching 3D models of humans in movies, your thoughts would be along the lines of "it's CG alright, but it looks damn real". You'll usually realise first that it's CG before thinking that they're human actors. But when I was watching Beowulf, I first thought of them as real humans before realising -- with plenty of double-takes -- that it's pure CG.

Amazing. Must watch.

Some funny thoughts:
- Oh... if you ever feel the urge to say "tonight, we dine in..." (insert favourite 300 spartan movie quote) during some parts of the movie... I can identify with you
- If you somehow thought about Austin Powers... I can also identify

If there's one thing I hated about the movie, it's Angelina Jolie's totally unnecessary fake accent. Could it be that she's confused with the other movie (Alexander) where she also plays "the mother" role? Gee, I love you Angelina, but slang-bang fake accent... ugh.


C2AGE pictures up!

Anyway, after spending many hours post-processing the photos, I finally got them up on my website. Check them out: http://www.vironia.net/pix/c2age07/

There are some errors there (there's a repeat picture) and I accidentally put in some unintended photos as well. >_>
How? Well, I didn't want to bother coding a thumbnail gallery in html (not fun when you have many pix), so I wrote a script that would automate the entire process for me -- including the generation of thumbnails. Yes, it looks a little shabby, but I can't complain -- with the script, I only need to click on a button and everything is done within a minute, compared to spending an hour or more hardcoding everything. So yeah.

Anyway, sorry that this post came in pretty late. Do bear with me. My network card got struck by lighting (I think) a few days ago and I couldn't go online (boohoo). Well, I could, by going to a cybercafe and what not, but I decided to spend that time doing chores like my laundry instead.
And thanks to that, I now have clean clothes to wear, wheeeee. Ah, the smell of fresh warm laundry. XD